Roulette Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Tells How To Play Roulette & Win Everyday.

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Roulette Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Tells How To Play Roulette & Win Everyday. Christopher Mitchell Is An Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Investor & Professional Gambler Living In Las Vegas. To learn how Christopher makes thousands of dollars a day, you can join his private Inner Circle where he’ll become your personal coach and mentor, he’ll teach you his Bitcoin, Baccarat, Blackjack & Roulette Winning Strategies, he’ll share his secrets so you can stop paying taxes legally, and you can watch him play “LIVE” in the Casino every single week. You get all of this for a one time payment of ONLY $1,000.

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In this video, Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Investor & Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell gives you a Roulette Winning Strategy that will teach you how to win everyday.

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Roulette Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Tells How To Play Roulette & Win Everyday.

10 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy- Christopher Mitchell Tells How To Play Roulette & Win Everyday.

  1. Great video Christopher! It is true that the trends are vital and so is of course the numbers on the wheel. After a time you will know them all by heart and their positions. Another thing that is important is the dealer, as you mentioned. Some dealers are extremely skillful at hitting certain numbers. So it's likewise important to see on what numbers people are putting most money. Now, I have witnessed certain sequences, and you will too. The same color like red might appear 19 consecutive times. That doesn't happen very often, but you will see it if you go and gamble at roulette every day. Choppy sequences: that's the same thing. Red and black every other spin for 38 times in a row. I saw it once and over 20 times is as common as 10 blacks or reds in a row. Don't underestimate the first dozen. A few days before the casino here closed last year, the first dozen appeared on one table 26 consecutive times in a row. I have never seen that for even chances for example. One of my gambling friends, who bets exclusively on dozens, lost very much because of that, one year ago. If you bet on the inside, there are in fact several good inside betting strategies, like the 5 lines. You can put one unit on the first 5 lines, and after a loss you multiply the bet amount six times on all the lines. After the win you return to the initial bet amount. This usually works fine for me. But I have seen the number 36 come up 6 times in a row. Therefore you must always bet smart. Inside bets are equally good as outside bets. There is no difference. But you must play smart. You will figure it out, and yes the trends are so important. When I play my favorite 20 numbers I choose my favorite split and put 1 unit on that, and then 3 units on each of my 3 favorite lines. The upbet for my 20 numbers is the grand martingale winning progression to make a nice profit: 1-3-7-15-31. But in order to win every time within 5 spins you need an extremely strong trend for that system. Therefore I have patience and wait to bet after FOUR consecutive winning spins, before using that system. It's always in the details, and it works wonderfully. The numbers, the trend, the progression, yes, everything is very important. Also your gut feeling is very important. And to believe in yourself. We have a man at the local casino here. He bets on the actual day number every day and he wins tons of money on that every day. He is old and has been playing like that for at least 20 years. This man strongly believes in himself and I guess that's why he wins everyday. But I would myself never use his system. Some of the biggest winners are not the smartest persons with the best roulette strategies. But people that actually believe in themselves and therefore are lucky. Now the casino in Stockholm is still closed, but today he would have bet on number 23 since it's the 23rd today. There is one different roulette strategy for every player at the roulette table. No matter how much you or I would win at roulette, people will never change their way of doing things and 99% will always lose no matter what. No one will copy your roulette style. That is because at the roulette tables there is one thing more predominant than greed or wasting time. And that is pride. All roulette gamblers want to win with their own strategy, and they will never listen to anybody else, even if they lose all they have. Pride is a bigger obstacle than greed for most when it comes to roulette. People will never learn or listen to something else than their own ego when it comes to roulette and no matter what. 😁 That's just my 2 cents. 😜 Thanks for sharing this video Christopher. I love them all. Have a fabulous winning day and evening. πŸ‘

  2. Absolutely awesome roulette video Christopher! Keep it upπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  3. When I bet I do two 25 dollar bets on 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. Martingale when you loose walk when up 100 or more

  4. I was playing roulette today at a brick and mortar casino. I intentionally found a table that had no 0 or 00 on the board (looking for a trend) to play a strategy where they are both losers. 12 or 15 spins later (still no zeroes) a man sits down and buys in at $1K in $25 dollar chips. You guessed it! $25 bet on each, 3 spins later and he hits! $900…
    C'ya ! Pay attention to what is in front of you and also to what is not.

  5. You failed to mention that there's t2 different wheels the euro and american style. The american style has 2 zeros. Also failed to mention that there's usually a Max and minimum bet. There's a lot of variables to the game of roulette. Don't play hunger, tired or drunk…

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