Roulette – What is Inside a Roulette Wheel – Is It Rigged?

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In this video, I would like to show you what is inside a roulette wheel. There I’m pretty sure that many players have no idea how a roulette wheel looks like inside. It is not very important but reasonable to know. Also, I’ve been asked so many times, if it’ll be possible to place magnets or some cheat-stuff inside a wheel. There is no doubt – it’s possible but there is no reason to do this, just simply because of the mathematical advantage of a casino over a non-visual player. What do you think guys?

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Roulette – What is Inside a Roulette Wheel – Is It Rigged?

9 thoughts on “Roulette – What is Inside a Roulette Wheel – Is It Rigged?

  1. I dare you to lubericate the bearingπŸ˜‚ but use a different wheel because this one looks nice

  2. The one's in Laughlin have an electro magnet on the outer edge that can be turned on and off when thangs are not going there way.

  3. I think a little camera can control the speed when looking at the white black blocks on the back.

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