$25,600 STRADDLE? MrBeast Creates CRAZY Action!

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Have you ever played in a game that has a $25,600 straddle on? No? Me neither! But this is exactly what happens when some of the most popular YouTubers and Twitch Streamers decide to battle it out at the poker tables on Hustler Casino Live!

Alexandra Botez, MrBeast, Ninja, Slime, xQc, Ludwig, Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan & Alan Keating all played on the HCL live stream for almost 9 hours and stacks were flying left, right and centre!

In this high stakes cash game Alan Keating lost over $1,000,000 which is the largest loss on the HCL show to date. Alexandra Botez and MrBeast were 2 of the biggest winners with both of them winning over $400,000!

In this video I talk about the poker strategy behind straddling and how this should affect your preflop ranges as you become much shallower stacked! Phil Hellmuth has a 2bb effective stack with such a large straddle!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here:

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$25,600 STRADDLE? MrBeast Creates CRAZY Action!

10 thoughts on “$25,600 STRADDLE? MrBeast Creates CRAZY Action!

  1. What is the largest straddle in a game that YOU have played in?

  2. There is no reason why anyone should be trying tell players what they should or shouldn’t have done in this specific game. Let the game live and have people speculate without saying that they should or shouldn’t have done this or that

  3. Shoutout Mr Beast, people like that at the table make the game so fun. We often get into silly pots like this in home games with silly pots and it just makes the game more fun

  4. this mr beast $25,600 is like $25.60 in his pocket, unbelievable

  5. hellmuth: she called fifty thousand dollars with an ace, nine offsuit….

    yet he jams with ace, eight………………………………

  6. This is totally wild! I love it actually. It's really good for the game though. I hope that they include like some of the chinese businessmen like Phua. That would be some wild game!

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