Roulette Win Every Spin (48$ in 2 spins) 12 Number System 98% win Best Roulette Strategy

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Every strategy is best on their own position, 
if you want to be professional you must need to learn as more as you can. not only the best one, it is important to know some basic strategies also, 🙂

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On YouTube i Uploaded 6 videos about Roulette Strategies

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1.Color Strategy – $100
Discounted Price = $50

2 Dozen strategy – $150
Discounted Price = $60

3.Fixed number Strategy – $150
Discounted Price = $60

4.12 number system – $200
Discounted Price = $100

5.The Number predictor Software – $100
Discounted Price = $50

6.INSIDE BETTING SYSTEM Special – ( Price $1000 ) Discounted Price = $500

Color strategy: 
You will understand the nature of the board, once you get a chance you can apply the technique

It goes maximum 3- 4 progressions, but not every time, most of the time you will win on the 1st progression as you can see on the video, you can target 20 $ per session and you can do 4 – 5 sessions a day,

Dozen Strategy:
I write down the numbers roulette produces, and if i find out a opportunity to bet, i place bets, i place bets on 2 dozens at a time by doing this it increases more chance to win,
its one of my favourite strategy i have made, Works very perfectly, it sometimes goes on maximum of 3 progression, but it mostly makes me winner every time, it works very fantastic, you can target $20 per session and you can do 5 sessions a day,

Fixed Number strategy :
You will Select Some Numbers from Both Color After selection of the numbers from both (red and black) i use my short cut color strategy to find out what’s the next color, then i put bets on those selected numbers from the color that i Selected with,, you can target $30- $50 per session,very good and Perfect System for Profit,

12 Number System:
Best strategy about Number Technique, basically you will win most of the time with this Number strategy technique, you will find out an opportunity to bet, once you get the opportunity you will apply this system. in this technique you will select the 12 numbers By one of the easiest way of dozen and color selection Strategy, It works very fantastic as you can see on the video. With this strategy on live Roulette You can make USD 200 – USD1000 daily it Depends on your budged,

Number Predictor Software:
This is a Roulette Number Predicting software, which follows the patterns and shows the numbers against the odds,

Inside Betting System : 
Easiest flat betting system you just need to practice a little bit then it is enough to double up your balance on  2 Sessions. Very Effective system.

Watch the full video to see how i make sure not to lose , and win every time,

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Roulette Win Every Spin (48$ in 2 spins) 12 Number System 98% win Best Roulette Strategy

7 thoughts on “Roulette Win Every Spin (48$ in 2 spins) 12 Number System 98% win Best Roulette Strategy

  1. i can predict every number on this wheel as long i dont bet with money but when betting even if i play 30 numbers cover i will get 6 or seven losing streaks in row.dont play this wheel it is a controlled and limited system.some times i have 35 losing streaks in row playing half of the numbers.1000 people play the same time and the ball get crazy and the wheel speed goes very high just not to pay you 1€ profit.this game is fake.they do every thing to bring your balance to zero.even they steal from your balance while playing .they stole once 165€ from my balance and they erase it from the bet history and made me feel like an guy.this company is a big scam all their tables are fixed.wondering why they had last year 250 million profit with 2.7% edge??if you want to lay just put 10€ on your account and put the auto play function on and go drink a cup of coffee wich will save you a lot of frustration.some times you see big winners in the screen like 5000€ or 8000€
    i dont believe it.those are bots to give you the feeling that the game pays out good.

  2. waste. playing without money and playing with it makes you to change your stratergy when you start loosing. so not worth

  3. are you a millionaire yet? or banned from all casinos due to your successful strategy? I think not otherwise you wouldn't be here trying to sell your strategy to people you'd be in the casinos winning all your money

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