Poker Strategy Tips: Beating Loose Passive Players

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The easiest money to be made at the poker table comes from weak, loose, passive players.

Poker strategy expert Dan Skolovy will show you exactly how to play winning poker and take money from weak players in this free poker strategy video. has a massive poker strategy section designed to help you become a winning poker player. Go to to check it out.

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Poker Strategy Tips: Beating Loose Passive Players

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy Tips: Beating Loose Passive Players

  1. why dont you show the hand where the loose passive has 3 2s and busts your aq. Dont just show hands you beat them. Show how you bet to much with one pair against al oose passive can costy ou a lot of your stack.

  2. lets see yoru id name lets see how much money you made on ptr with your thin value shoves.

  3. peopel are complaining cause what he is saying is wrong. You dont bet bet bet with just one pair or you will never win at poker. Ya but if he hits 2 pair or better every time its very easy. but its not like that you have middle pairs and small pairs and draws not made hands every time. But hes wrong shoving rivers without the nuts he can half pot the river or whatever but even passive fish know to shove on a jam.

  4. this looks great until u try this and they always have the flush……dont play online poker…..go to your local casino atleast you can see your opponents and its hard for them to cheat when they dont know your hand

  5. i like the way the audio drops mid-sentence at the end
    (informative video though)

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  7. In the hand with AQ, isnt the turn (2c) a relatively bad card? In my (limited) experience, I've seen a lot of loose passive play hands that are ridiculously weak, like 2xs etc pretty similarly a decent percentage of the time. How do you evaluate the range of players like this?

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