[The Momentum Baccarat Strategy] L3UDD + Progressive Double Up System = Major Cashflow!

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Groundbreaking News: We interrupt the Random Nights At The Chalet series, to bring you this Fam Channel Exclusive.

Get ready to learn the all-new Momentum Strategy for major wins in a short timeframe. This is an easy 10% winner per session.

Here’s How The Momentum Baccarat Strategy Works:

1. Bet Last 3 UnderDog or when you see a Cluster of 2 over 1 with the 1 being the underdog (player or banker).

2. Place your bet on the underdog.

3. If you lose switch sides and bet another unit.

4 If you lose continue to switch sides back and forth increasing a unit when you lose.

BUT when you WIN AFTER a loss…

5. Double your bet size and switch sides of the last bet.

Any questions? Ask me in the comments.

This is the BEST system to date with just a slight favorite over AIM.

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Disclaimer: I do claim the rap intro at the beginning of this video. The beat was downloaded as a sample from Soundclick.com, but the flow is 100% all mine. It’s the best one to use when introducing new systems that ROCK!


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[The Momentum Baccarat Strategy] L3UDD + Progressive Double Up System = Major Cashflow!

10 thoughts on “[The Momentum Baccarat Strategy] L3UDD + Progressive Double Up System = Major Cashflow!

  1. seriously you are perfect my hat for you👏👏💪 and continues helps people I like your stratigie but I do not understand because I do not speak much in English I am arabic🇹🇳 if you can help me if you like I can do google translation and thank you ;* ;*

  2. Hi, new subscriber here. Love your vids.. but I don't quite grasp this strategy. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    For example

    First bet: 25 on player (lose)
    Second bet: 50 on banker (lose)
    Third bet: 75 on player (lose)
    Fourth bet: 100 on banker (win)
    Ultimately we would still have a net loss of 50 isn't it?

    Appreciate if you could help me out.. thanks

  3. Ok this is it.
    Here comes the balls and bankroll system.
    They r going down this time. No joke

  4. I played it at casino and it was very very risky. I lost 3 times when I doubled up and reached 1000 dollar bets in quick time. I was only playing $10 units and it ramped up after a lot of losses. I think we have to have a tight stop loss.

  5. i did this on bovada on sim mode and made great money , however lets say after you win your first u d bet,
    do you wait for another cluster to bet ud or just do the crossover back and forth until you win , to double the bet and switch over or anytime during your xover building momo and see a cluster , then bet the cluster , then if win it double up and switch over, and if llose it just add another chip and cotiue process……it what i did i think lol thx

  6. my question, goes between number 2 and 3 what do you do if you win on the ud what is next action besides collect? thx

  7. just found your channel and its pretty interesting to see different systems in action. just from curiosity – did you ever came across mr majiks system and try it out?

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