How To Improve At Poker RIGHT NOW

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Everyone wants to be the best poker player they can be, but not everyone knows how to actually work on their game. Sometimes, it’s not always fun to put in the work required to be a truly great player. But today we’re getting down to business and talking about practical things you can do right now, for free, to make yourself a stronger, more profitable player.

Here’s the video I mentioned today in which I break down some math and game theory:

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How To Improve At Poker RIGHT NOW

10 thoughts on “How To Improve At Poker RIGHT NOW

  1. Here's the video I mentioned today in which I break down some math and game theory:

  2. You know, i really like your crypto videos a lot. Theyre funny. youre a funny guy. I dont know what i though your poker videos would, or could, be about. Then i realized that its instructions for people that cant read either the cards that theyre holding or their opponents playing style. Thats all you need to know. who cares about how you should "handle" a loveing ace/duece bluff going into the river" or whatever was said.

    What the love is a computer badting out scenarios gonna tell me thats more important than watching your opponents reactions to his wins and losses and how his bets and play change over the first 5-10 hands. from there its over. Watch him win and then bet and lose and then bet or fold or whatever and after that, youre two steps ahead of him in his own mind waiting for him to do exactly what you led him to do.

    im certain that the best poker players that ever lived would piss on a loveing poker spread sheet of some bullbad. Theyd probably empty a sixshooter into your chest just for mentioning it too. As i would have done well. Only back then of course. Not now. You can either play people or play cards. Only one of those wins though.

  3. I like your videos where your breaking it down without any sugar coating. Good job. With that said, most people watching this play in limits where people are massively unbalanced, and getting really good at exploiting them is the fastest way to make money – however the problem is if they don't move towards this study, they will get spanked everytime they try and move up. I guess there's a reason you made a good amount playing ….. maybe you know what your talking about hmmmmm

  4. Listen poker is all luck. This is total bull loveing bad. Please don't listen to these lovewits who think that there is any chance of beating someone who is more lucky than you are.

    The game is all luck. There is skill yes but it cannot compensate for someone who is lucky.

    You could make the best read or play skilful but if someone is lucky then it really don't matter.

    These people are not pros this guy is some loser that lives in his moms house has no education and tries to make money from stupid crap shows like this. Doug go love yourself you loser lol get a real job.

  5. "And the great thing about these questions is this isn't a category, I was just trolling you guys" his dry humor is killing me

  6. "Back in my day … you kids …" 😂 Revisiting so many of these DKP/Upswing vids is gold.

  7. Since tuning watching your vids I’ve won 1 tourney (60 Entrants), cashed in 3 of my last 5 and made it to the final table 4 of my last 5 tourneys. #LifeChanging!!! #NLHisthewayoflife

  8. I have listened to hours of these video lessons. I really enjoy them,(you are crazy entertaining) and I am totally sold on the product, (not literally, only spent $7 so far) but I am a true believer, but I would like to know, (from anybody), how long does it take to watch one of these and not get lost in the complexity of it all? I have been at this for months now and still can't completley follow you. I will keep trying and one day hope to compete in the 25nl holdem at ignition zoom. Dream big right? I know this is over a year old but it's what I am watching now.Thanks.

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