Top 7 Things that will DESTROY your Roulette Playing Strategy

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IN this video I discuss 7 things that can cause you to fail to dominate the game of roulette. Take good notes and adjust your game!

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Top 7 Things that will DESTROY your Roulette Playing Strategy

10 thoughts on “Top 7 Things that will DESTROY your Roulette Playing Strategy

  1. Thats why its gambling. When you gamble there is a 52% chance you will lose.

    the best way to make money gambling is not gambling at all, you just sell training!

  2. Thanks for the free video!! Its true. Its about economics.
    Just set your goal for a 10% increase of your bankroll. <- thats the secret,. If you have 10 dollars walking away with 11 dollars is a success. If you have that discipline you can have success.

  3. that is so true, I like the way you approach the roulette considering it as business , i will send you an email for sure.

  4. I'm using permutations in my roulette sessions. I'm winning every day, 54 to be exact. My question is. I play for hours and set my goal at 34 units a day. Should I shorten my hours and win less?

  5. Hey Charlie: I think more and more modern day tables now have computer sensors under the cloth and the wheels are now magnetized too. I've watched strange ball movement that literally do reversal behavior and land in a pocket number that has no money bet or a small payoff on it. I've played it for years but now days the players are being scammed with that new technology. It's no longer honest. Have you picked up on this?

  6. Thank u for these videos.charlie have u ever found online casinos cheating like using the ball that they can vibrate to move off the number been watching 888 casino and the ball was moving so odd jumping after its stopped!and when I say about it stops please share your views on this charlie u have helped so many people thank u

  7. You mentioned a lot of truths about roulette but you are not completley correct on some issues. A person can constantly play and win every day without losing. People on the internet keep showing the same old ways of betting that in the end always are limited was of playing and lead to the casinos taking all of their money. Two key factors in being very successful at roulette are the minimum and maximum table limits. Also knowing what the table won't do. Everyone trys to figure out where the ball will possibly land which is impossible to do. It is easier to figure out what it won't do and then play using that information.

  8. He is taking too long to make his points. I am yelling at the computer, "Shut he f*** up, you f**** windbag".

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