Winning 2nd Column Roulette

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Winning 2nd Column Roulette

10 thoughts on “Winning 2nd Column Roulette

  1. You must keep playing after a win at 7:30 if not in profit because the next number was 32 and that would have put you in front then start over always in a new game start with a zero, that is the blank spin

  2. Very unstable system! I wouldn’t touch it! Thank you for all your great videos 🥰

  3. It comes down to basic math. The 9 individual bets (the amount of bets down when I paused the video to write my comment) all those single bets add up losses to the point where even a 35:1 win can not win enough to cover all the losses from the 8 other bets. In this case you would be better off betting on a single dozen. As always, just my opinion. This one gets two thumbs down 👎👎

  4. Following the winner in any cog the columns, instead of stacking and covering only the middle, till you get to 12 numbers. The double at every loss.
    I’ve tried that on my ap Has worked good.

  5. I believe betting progressively with one unit after a loss on less than 12 numbers requires a bell shaped progression to insure when you finally get a win that your previous losses are recovered which did not happen when your losing streak ended. I don't know what that progression should be due to the random nature of increasing the bets on all previous 2nd column numbers. I believe there are far better, more well defined strategies to play inside than this one. I won't be using this one. Thank you Roulette Master.

  6. This is not for me, i rather play 1 dozen with a good 10 chance progression 15 20 25 40 60 90 140 225 350 530 and if you start at 5 and than 10 and than the progression from before but skip step 20 you have 11 chances. Only play this when a dozen is hot or comes at least once every 4 spins and i tell you you can make thousands in a couple of hours playing, i did it time after time.

  7. What i play now and made me a lot of money for 3 weeks now is play the outside bets 1 tm 18 and 19 tm 36 or red black and look at the last 10 numbers for a trend and i pick 1 side and stay there till i got the win. After the win i look again for the last 10 numbers for a trend. I use this progression i start with 5 and after a loss i double to 10 plus add 5 and after that double again and add 5. This way every time i go further in my progression i also got more profit. I hate it when i go for 7 martingales and risk 635 to make just 5 dollar. So every time i martingale plus add 5 dollar extra on top of it and i stop at 7 times. Chance of winning 1 spin if you go up to 7 martys is 99.058% so very good odds. The chance of losing all 7 is only 0.942%

  8. And i have also a progression for low rolers for playing 1 dozen or 1 column. Pick 1 dozen and after every loss you go 1 step up in the progression and it doesn't matter when you got the win because the profit will be 5 or 6 dollar. You only need 327 dollar bankroll and you have 10 chances to get your win of 5 or 6 dollar. The progression is 3 4 6 9 14 24 33 49 74 111… at step 2,3,4 and 8 the profit is 5 dollar and every other step the profit will be 6 dollar. You need to play this when your dozen is hot or if it comes every 4 spins at least 1 time. It is not so hard to get just 1 win if you got 10 chances so goodluck to everybody

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