1. Your channel is like a breath of fresh air. Kudos for keeping it classy, involving the dealers and interacting with them ! I won't mention other channel names lol but I feel so bad for the poor dealers that have to put up with someone complaining the entire time and predicting the dealer will beat them every hand and begrudgingly give a poor tip at the end. I've never ever seen anyone
    ' Superchat ' a dealer either, while the player is slowing the play and rhythm of the game fiddling with the phone 😂😂✌

  2. Not trying to be a smart ass or anything, and correct me when I am wrong: since you tipped so generously, you started creating an expectation on yourself and other players for the dealers. I am not saying it's a wrong thing to do, but I wouldn't want to burden myself with such high expectation.

  3. Hi filthy. I saw on another YouTube channel that they played Mississippi stud at one of the station casinos ?

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