BIG STEADY WINS! “Multi Level MARTINGALE” #roulette #grapefruitsystems

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00:13 Betting progression for MULTI-LEVEL MARTINGALE
00:24 Suggested buy-in for MULTI-LEVEL MARTINGALE
00:42 First spin!
00:45 Expected loss for MULTI-LEVEL MARTINGALE
01:04 Wins/Losses/Pushes for MULTI-LEVEL MARTINGALE
02:35 First Martingale!
06:13 resources
12:19 What type of wheel should I use?
14:44 Final spin/conclusion

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Jack Haze is a retired Software Engineer with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. He worked in the online gambling industry for over 7 years and runs a the gambling website

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BIG STEADY WINS! “Multi Level MARTINGALE” #roulette #grapefruitsystems

10 thoughts on “BIG STEADY WINS! “Multi Level MARTINGALE” #roulette #grapefruitsystems

  1. x3 martingale one a single loss is extreme for me especially when your ahead. Like the first loss you were still up 40 bucks. 60 to win 20, sounds like you're better off betting 2 dozens, 60 would get you 30. Yes you get more numbers to loss but you get half the money as a win with no push, here you get 1/3rd.
    Personally I don't like making beats where I beat risk more to get less.

  2. First please only do double zero. Everything is better with single zero and just not typically found near mot people casinos.
    Also could you start a series on Craps? I'd really like to hear your input on systems there.
    I really like craps, nothing like the payouts and simplicity. Personally expanding my gaming into other games to shake things up. So doesn't have to be my suggestion but tryout more then just roulette and blackjack. Just an idea, if you don't like those games then I understand.

  3. How come you don't rate the system that makes the most money as a Grapefruit? I just checked out your site and Hopscotch was rated a Grapefruit from you but you lost money? Isn't the purpose of a Grapfruit System – to make money?

  4. great and informative videos. keep it up. you got a subscriber here

  5. Who play in real live with 2000000 bank?When you will show a normal reali winning system?The best one…

  6. Maybe split your play 1/2 on 0 and half the play on 00. Or if you have more American than do 00 if more European players single 0.

  7. I would play 5 Double Streets, put $20 on 3 Double Streets, and $15 on 2 other Double Streets. The result is the same, but you can divide up the whacks better this way. Also, only add to your bets after every 2nd loss.

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