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Did you know that it is possible to win money every time the wheel spins or the dice is rolled when betting on even odds bets. I mean every single time, while making a profit. The strategy that we are going to talk about here can be applied on any even odds bet that can be found in the casino, including roulette, baccarat, and even some sports bets. It takes a little bit of discipline but it can be a great way to get some consistent gains coming your way. This strategy will totally change the way you look at even money bets forever. I call it the double coverage strategy
First let’s review what a simple Martingale system looks like because there are some similar aspects in this strategy. Let’s say you are betting 5 dollars on red in roulette. If you lose your bet, you’re going to double your next bet, and you are going to continue to double your bet every time you lose, until a red is landed on or you reach your limit that you’ve set for yourself. Ideally, each bet is going to be big enough to cover the losses that you had on previous rolls and still give you a profit once you win. Now let’s say that the ball lands on black 4 times in a row. If you had been following the martingale system, you would have lost 75 dollars and you’d be contemplating if you want to put 80 dollars down on Red for your next bet. This can get out of hand very quickly, so let’s see if we can tame it a little bit.
In comes the double coverage strategy. For the first bet, you are gonna stick with a 5 dollar bet on red. “But you said that we’d be winning on every single roll and if you only bet on red then there’s….”Shut Up, We’ll get there”. If you win your bet, congrats, start over. If you lose here’s what you do. The goal is always going to land the ball on red so double your bet on red. That money is to earn back your losses you’ve made so far. Next you’re going to put a unit on black. That unit is to win back your current bet on red in case it doesn’t land this turn. You tracking? Hang with me. If you win, you’ll find that you’ll have exactly what you started out with. If you lose, your going to continue to double the bets on both red and black. If you’re not tracking, here’s the progression that you should follow until you get a win. 1U Red, 2U Red 1U Black, 4U Red 2U Black, 8U Red 4U Black. If a red hits, you can start the process over, if black hits, you’ll have to continue the sequence but it’s a whole lot cheaper than it was before. *For Example Refer to the sequence.

Remember what our losses were if we went 4 losses in a row with a regular martingale. 75 dollars. If you draw your limit at 4 losses in a row with this system, you will find yourself in the hole only 40 dollars. Yeah, you can cut the martingale losses almost in half, which means you can sustain longer losing streaks now, or if you keep your limit at around 4 losses, you can survive longer at the table. Give it a few practice tries. Its a whole lot easier than it sounds.
Now let’s talk about 0s. Best place to get a 0 is on the first round because it doesn’t mess with your sequence, and it gets worse from there. With betting on both sides there’s a lot more on the table literally. As you know, all of that can be lost with a 0 so what I like to do is on the 4th round I’ll throw 2 bucks on the 0s just to hedge my bets should the worst happen. Now think of this. This is also why I think that this strategy works better with Baccarat. because in case of a tie, instead of losing you bets, all bets are Pushed which means you can just let the system do its work without fear of losing it all. Go check out our video on how to play baccarat here. Shameless plug for the channel, and go subscribe while you’re at it. Here’s a chart of my gains on 100 rolls with the system that was just explained. As you can see its a low risk low reward system, but it is a gain which is more than can be said for most systems out there. It takes patience but anybody can make this work.

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Even Odds Roulette Strategy

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  1. So basically the up bet only used to get the money lost from previous hands not to make profit

  2. If zero is a problem You can play french roulette or La Partage roulette. If always give you back half of bet if its zero but only outside bets.

  3. You do realise you only gain to win $5 for each win. If you keep losing then you keep doubling your bet, that is Martingale & winning that bet returns 0 value

    you play "American roulette". that is your 1st mistake there

  4. This strategy play on baccarat

    Banker Player
    2 1
    4 2
    8 4

    What should I do if
    I win on 8 unit banker ( Banker 6 point win pay 50% ) ( that mean I win 4 unit only )

    Now what should I do

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