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  1. I share with you one of our "old" roulette strategy.

    Developed by Idris around 3 years ago.He is my brother and best friend.

    This strategy still works very well,around 99% accuracy.

    I mostly played in Evolution tables,sometimes in Ezugi and Authentic Gaming also.

    We have four group.


    1 to 9

    10 to 19

    20 to 29

    30 to 36

    When you got two or more SAME group numbers in a row,you can counting.

    If your result is over 36 is nothing,is not entry point!

    The normal distance for hit is maximum 20 spin. In extreme case up to 25 spin!

    So,after the entry point you need wait for 8-15 spin without bet for safe play.

    If no there a single hit within 8-15 spin then you can place your bet.

    Playing only for one hit,and the current combination done,wait for another!

    Be careful if the result have strong ZERO or TIER numbers,like 8-9-10 ,23-24-25,28-29-30, and if under 10, like 3-4-5 ,1-2-3 etc.

    My progression is was 1-1 ,2-2 ,4-4 ,8-8 so every third spin double.

    On 10 cent minimum bet table you need around 300€ starting balance,if using this progression.

    9×0,1 then 9×0,1 then 9×0,2 9×0,2 etc.

    When you have next door numbers like 19-20-21,cover one more ! example: number 32!

    If your result touch the number zero,cover the next door number also!

    All the time watch back the previous result,if is was example number 16-17-18 and

    your next result again 16-17-18,do not play that combination!!!

    Before you play,check the current table last 300 numbers history and watch the average distance for hit!!!

    Do not play without training!!!


    Using this strategy YOUR OWN RISK!

    Please note! You can not win in online roulette millions!!!

    Is mission impossible! Because of magnets!

    Give up this dream!!!

    If you deposited 300 and make plus 200 profit, go to cashier and cash out the whole money

    and do not play then in same casino roulette.

    Never forget: The AI software can kill your balance anytime!

    Go to another casino and repeat the procedure.

    This strategy small part from main algorithm only!

    Don't be greedy!

    Good luck!

  2. Я ставлю на стрит и 100% прогрессия после каждых 3 спинов Х2

  3. ты молодец как получится выиграть я скину тебе кеш скажешь куда👍👍👍

  4. удаляй это видео а то казино не даст так ставить

  5. when I'm waiting for 10 spins to make a bet, and the bet has played up to 10 spins, should I keep waiting or start counting again? this text is written with a Google translator, there may be errors, I hope you will understand correctly

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