I bet on Roulette RED 10 times in a row what do I win?

Roulette Strategy Video Information:

Gambling in Las Vegas $10 10X on RED
Would you bet red or black on roullete?

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I bet on Roulette RED 10 times in a row what do I win?

10 thoughts on “I bet on Roulette RED 10 times in a row what do I win?

  1. Strip minimums on the Strip post Covid stay at $15 or over which is so sad. Tables are now even open at Craps, Roulette etc but the ones that are open are high limits 😡

  2. Morning is best to gamble at Strip properties like the Cosmo….no reason that some real tables are not open 😢

  3. THANKS FOR PLAYING … I would like to see more action on these AUTOMATED ROULETTE games! Too … see if the have games with LOWER MINIMUM BETS – and – DON'T FORGET YOUR REWARDS CARD!!!

  4. I sat down at the table where black had hit the last 3 times. So I repeatedly bet on black and hit another 9 times in a row. Had I left the winnings on black I would of been up $2500. But I kept the winnings and left the $5 on Black each time and was up $55 lol.

  5. Ive never played ever or gambled but id never play electronic betting games.. id play an actual roulette wheel thou. The electronic your at an even larger disadvantage as soon after you place yr electronic bet! Electronic games pay out a certain percentage of the time.. not often either so really it comes down to are you lets say, the 500th person to play n if so yr gonna win a set amount almost regardless of what you domor choose… unless you throw winning hands per say down the drain bc u dont wanna win or you have absolutely no idea what your doing!

  6. Thanks, Mathew, this is the second automated roulette video I've watched tonight while testing my new Synchotron Inside Number system and I'm pleased to tell you that it hit 25 straight winners between the two sessions. I'd like to publish the system on an App, but, it won't be easy where I'm situated. Just Followed you on FB too. St James, the name. Best of luck.

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