Increasing Progression Roulette Strategy

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In this video I will show u a unique and powerful roulette winning system. It is so simple that a kid can play. You can choose any 18 numbers. Black or red, even or odd, low and high. Start betting one unit on any number you choose and increase one number with a loosing spin. After 8 regular loosing spin u need to add one chips to all the previous covered number and to the new added number until you win.
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Increasing Progression Roulette Strategy

4 thoughts on “Increasing Progression Roulette Strategy

  1. Sir I guess this is blunder. After 14spin you get losing and if you just get to 18spin you loose big. Just 10$ bet can lose you 5740$ even if you win on 18spin. So I guess not good

  2. This Strategy is Good for 11 Rounds only, after 11th Round if we Add Only 1 Unit ($10) then it will be Loss.

    After 11th Round we have to add More than just 1 Unit then its works Out otherwise Loss. (LUCKY IF NUMBER HITS IN FIRST 10 ROUNDS)

    Can you Give me example what can we do if selecting Number can't hit after 11th Round.?

    Please Check After 11 rounds its a Loss.

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