MIRROR Strategy vs NO MIRROR! Which one works better on ROULETTE?

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I tried the MIRROR Strategy instead of the NO MIRROR on Roulette with Rafael’s 6 !!

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MIRROR Strategy vs NO MIRROR! Which one works better on ROULETTE?

10 thoughts on “MIRROR Strategy vs NO MIRROR! Which one works better on ROULETTE?

  1. Nice! Instead of playing that or the other ( mirror , no mirror), why don't you follow the last outcome of mirror or no mirror…. If you check out your spreadsheets, this one and the one at your previous video, at the bottom (bet results – + ) you'll see that you got no chop pattern easelly (minus reds and plus greens). Only in that case of chop you lose with my suggestion. But you win the twos, 2-1, 3-1, 3-3 and streaks of course. It's like follow the winner of M , N.M. Just an idea..

  2. I just did the No Mirror last night and had a blast with it. It's a good system that with proper money management gives you a fairly good chance at winning your three units.

    I don't see any reason why the mirror strategy wouldn't work as well, I'm just a little unclear as to when you move down to the next pattern. While No Mirror you move down to the next pattern after three losses in a row, you're wiping the board clean after one loss (which makes sense) and staying on the same pattern for seemingly ever (now me lost). So while there's an absolute clear Stop-Loss with No Mirror, I'm not too sure what it is with this strategy.

  3. In this case u play with a 40 unit bankroll? So need at least 14 win session without losing to recover just one losing session

  4. I play but changed it up. I complete the line, why go for new numbers? I go to the next line using the last two numbers as you do, add the number and complete the line. Works for me Thanks. Waiting for the next version please!

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