Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #7

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I am trying a new strategy using the “Bead Road”. The goal of those videos will be to show you that when you are trying a new strategy, you need to start with a small bankroll because if you don’t and you realize that it’s not working well, you will lost a lot more than if you had start with small money. I will target a maximum of 5 units to win every session.

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Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #7

7 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #7

  1. Tonight was not a winning session but the most important thing is that I learn something.What I have learn is that there is things that you can not do playing baccarat and this is what the word "grinding" is for. This is why flat betting is the best. Even with one session down , I still have most of my bankroll compared to lose everything with the martingale. Thanks for watching 😇

  2. Also, Cheeto have you thought of using Wilsons "Baccarat Recorder"? I think it might help as you do not record the ties Very easy to look at

  3. Wow 4hr, love ta de la patience ! Lol good job. L'important cest de pas perdre ton bankroll. Live to fight another day!

  4. It takes a certain type of person to try something like this, people mite say risk taker or someone with an edge to them.. if I'm right you need to look into block chain/cryptocurrency, and I'm not kidding or joking around here.. the money that can and will be made is crazy!! I give you the best tip of your life.. buy cardano crypto ASAP, your looking at at least 30x your money within a year.

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