ULTIMATE Texas Hold’em – Full Guide!

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A new and popular game hitting the casinos lately is ULTIMATE Texas Holdem!

Don’t be fooled, as it’s not a variation of traditional poker, but more of a variation of Blackjack in which players need to beat the Dealer’s poker hand. However, don’t worry, as Dominic has your back in the new entry of our tutorial series, as he will explain from beginning to end how to exactly play this game and hopefully make some fat stacks, and have some good old casino entertainment!

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ULTIMATE Texas Hold’em – Full Guide!

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  1. Hey, I'm enjoying your videos but you've made a betting mistake after the Turn/River at 9:54 . Since Players 1 and 3 bet 2x their ante after the flop they cannot perform any more actions until the dealer compares hands with them so they cannot bet the 1x on top of that. Only Players 2 and 4 have the option to bet or fold at that point.

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