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How to make money online? If you were thinking about earning money online in 2022, probably you never thought of roulette as a way to make money. This is the safest and best strategy to win at roulette live and online. And from home – yes, I quit my job and I’m playing roulette this way to make money online. And very fast.

Everyone can deposit and withdraw using many different methods, like Skrill or Paypal and many others.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this video is only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as financial advice. Use instruction in this video at your own risk.

Remember this: you cannot think of gambling as a job and you can’t think that this roulette system is going to work 100% every single time: is important to gamble responsibly and to remember that gamble is to entertainment: 18+ Players Only, Gamble Responsibly –

I do not encourage anyone to do this, I’m just showing strategy and system that worked for me.

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  1. I started my roulette adventure almost a year ago. I started playing only black and red. I did not use a pattern like you do, I just went by the past 10 spins betting on the color that has lost several times in a row and did rather well in my first month. The betting system you are using is called Martingale. When I learned about that betting system I felt like I could never lose and in the first month, guess I got lucky and did not lose. In my second month of playing everything seemed to be going wrong and I lost two bank rolls. I learned the hard way about the Martingale system. Now I have respect for that system as I know how fast it can turn on you as you keep doubling up thinking you can’t lose. My very best advice I can give you, one that cost me a lot of money to learn. Always have a point in your betting progression where you simply will just stop betting. It really is that simple. It’s when you keep pushing and 30 turns into 60 then that becomes 120 you have gotten to the point of no return. Starting with 1 usd bets on black and red I now stop at 30 dollars. At that amount including all of your lost bets up to that point can be made back in a couple of short sessions and you have not lost your bankroll so you have the money to start betting again. If a betting session is not going well for you, don’t push it or you will lose more. Simply stop, sign out and come back later when you have a clear head. Knowing when to stop is so important in this game, I can’t stress that enough so I will say it again, learn how to stop and just come back later.
    Gamblers just keep going till all their money is gone. That was me in the beginning. I don’t call myself a gambler anymore, I am a calculated risk taker, no different than somebody who starts their own business with a large investment or trade stocks every day. That’s taking a calculated risk. Keep pushing along and not knowing when to quit, that’s gambling. Set a percentage of your bankroll that you are willing to lose, say 25% and STOP when you have lost that much. One last word of advice is don’t be greedy. Greed will turn you into a addicted gambler, a loser. Some sessions you might win, let’s say 20 but you want to win 50 units. Your game just seems to stall out and you’re having a hard time just staying at 20 units. Again that’s a warning sign to you to just stop. If you just keep pushing to try and get to 50 you’ll end up losing. Once you become more experienced you will learn to know what I’m telling you is the truth about this game. You’ll get a gut feeling once you are experienced that should be telling you when to quit even if you are not into profit at that time. Sorry for repeating this so many times, but I really want to strongly push the “know when to stop” message. Hopefully I have accomplished that. Best of luck to you. I have subscribe to your channel so I will keep checking in to see how it’s going for you. Wishing you the best.

  2. I've got a much better version of this. I've had times that I've lost lots of money with this process.

  3. Roulette winning lady, how far do you go in your martingale a 1$? I had some pretty scary times when i had to bet 256$ just to recover my lost and still only make 1$ !! How far did you ever bet to make that 1$? I think it's kind of crazy to go more than 62$ to recover and make 1$! What do you think?would it be better to wait a least 2 or 3 misses before putting the first 1$ bet! So 32$ bet is better( 6 bets instead of 9 bets) than 256$, don't you agree?

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