Logarithm Strategy Practice in Auto Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

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A short adventure in Evolution Gaming’s Auto Roulette while practicing my Logarithm Strategy skills with low stakes and relatively conservative betting.

The video is for adults and people who are allowed by law to get involved in gambling.

The video is provided for viewing purposes only and is not intended to advise or teach betting techniques. The uploader assumes no responsibility for any losses that may arise from the strategies displayed in this video.

Don’t forget that gambling brings you the risk of addiction and loss of property. Always bet money that you can afford to lose. And most of all, remember that the one who has lost the least is the most profitable.

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Logarithm Strategy Practice in Auto Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

10 thoughts on “Logarithm Strategy Practice in Auto Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

  1. Questa è la peggiore roulette che esiste la roulette della piattaforma Evolution è la più truccata in assoluto state alla larga

  2. Never play evolution roulette from these sites…pokerstars,partypoker and bwin and rizk casino. These have the worse rtp online and the most rigged play when admin looks at player account ! And most best thing of all is never to play online if you dont want to lose.

  3. Aderfe na ksereis to strategy tou Karl to kanw edw kai 3 xronia peripou einai oti kalitero k doulevei pistevw pio Kala sto lightning roulette. O tipas ine idiofiia. Xaris afton ipirxe mia periodos pou ebena me 20 k evgena me 500 kathimerina

  4. Watch carefully when the ball is launched. Exactly on the third turn (on the bracket you find just to the left of the top is the reference point, you have to be very observant) at that moment where you find the ball will also be the number that will come out (exemple if is number 18 you must play the 3 numbers left and right ) Attention But sometimes it turns out the opposite of what it shows. So, count from the moment the number comes out. It will come out again the 5th or 6th time. It needs practice

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