Lucky 8 Roulette FOBT Betting in William Hill

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The rare sight of a high value cashpot on the betting terminal machine Lucky 8 Roulette. Similar in a way to the popular FOBT game Key Bet Roulette, with a similar progressive jackpot. Lucky 8 Roulette is the oldest of the roulette machine progressive pot games and has a maximum limit of £350, so this one was very high. It’s on the William Hill FOBT’s in the casino section, and also the Vegas section. The pots are often around £10, but they can reach up to £350.
You can play this roulette game online, click the link at the top of the description to read more about it.

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Lucky 8 Roulette FOBT Betting in William Hill

10 thoughts on “Lucky 8 Roulette FOBT Betting in William Hill

  1. Great video, thanks, brought back great memories. in 2008 I used to travel the country doing this, but then you could spin them for £1.50 and only lose on 0,1 or a bad lucky 8… My best ever day was I found a machine on £350…..won it after about an hour….but it obviously hadn't been won for months as another £350 lay behind the that one (then they were never reset back then)….won that one too….and believe me or not another £350 lay behind that one…my heart was pounding by this point….I thought fk it, im going know-where..stayed another hour or so, landed lucky 8 another 4/5 times but never got that one… I cashed in for £700…I thought the police would be waiting for me at the door ha ha

  2. looked for this game two days ago in willy hills. must have removed it as wasn't there no more

  3. Played this from 2005 to a couple years back never find em anymore because too many tramps trying to win them on 45 quid lol.. Shrewsbury was the place to be 10 years ago every shop had l8 pots at least 150 quid every terminal.. me and my pal made 1500 each in Shrewsbury 1 day just off these let alone the fruits

  4. Bookies should have the decency to leave all the bonus bad out of roulette..let the math do the work.they would still make plenty..but they try and juice it up so people spend more..bugs me

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