Roulette FLOWER Strategy

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Betting 9 numbers. You need a really large bankroll. This is a very powerful roulette system that is designed to generate very large consistent payouts. It is based on the theory of number groups receiving their full range of statistical participation and it structures our bets to be profitable during the positive swings.
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Roulette FLOWER Strategy

10 thoughts on “Roulette FLOWER Strategy

  1. hmm i see the chances of winning is lower when you only cover 9 numbers of 37 numbers

  2. Can I ask a question please. In the Philippines the minimum bet on the numbers is 10 pesos so do I require a bank of 100,000 pesos to be safe on this one?

  3. What a good strategy !! Keep posting this type of videos and attracts more people to the casino and fully utilise this so called powerful strategy. All the casino shareholders will gives honorific salute to rouletteman for letting them earn huge income. LMAO

  4. Did try it on a simulator and moved around each dozens and made money in each session. Using the American 00 wheel I covered corners 1-2-5-4,-2-3-6-5,-5-6-8-9, & 4-5-7-8,main number is 5.
    I also did for 8 numbers using 1-2-0, 2-3-00, 1-2-4-5,-2-3-6-5. Main number is 2 an the 1/2 are one space from the 0/00
    This covered only eight numbers but included the dreaded 0/00
    My profit was $1,600.00. The most I was down was $300.00 but I hit and recouped and did profit.

  5. Wow, how brilliant this strategy was, I will bring this IDEA to RICH people to make them POOR

  6. Awesome 👏🏼 how do you think it would go playing a double flower..? Say one at each end.. ?

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