Slot Tips From a Friend: #8

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Slot Tips From a Friend

These days lots of people like to play the slots. Who are we kidding here, lots of people love to play the slots. And sure why not? Playing a slot machine can bring quite a bit of enjoyment. But it’s important to know that the only reason anyone should ever play the slots, is for entertainment, and never for profit or because they need to win some money. Slot machines are the biggest income sources for casinos; so that alone should tell you that when it comes to winning at slots, the house is the winner more often than not.

The most important thing to understand, is that you cannot beat a modern slot machine; it can’t be done. But let’s say that you could develop some sort of system to beat the slots. It wouldn’t be legal to do, even if you could; but don’t worry too much about that, because it simply just can’t be done.
There is no secret system to beat the slots. But that does not mean that you can’t be smart about how, when, and where you play the slots. Can you beat the slots? NO! But there are a few simply things you can do that just may increase your chances of winning; or at least decrease your chances of losing too much money.
Slot machines should only be played for entertainment, and never as a possible income source. All ideas, thoughts, and concepts either mentioned or inferred in this video is opinion, and opinion only. This is not an attempt to subvert or denigrate honest casinos or gaming institutions.

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Slot Tips From a Friend: #8

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