5 Super Obvious TELLS Only Amateurs Give Off

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Here are the 5 extremely obvious tells that only amateurs give off. All poker pros know better than to do this!

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5 Super Obvious TELLS Only Amateurs Give Off

10 thoughts on “5 Super Obvious TELLS Only Amateurs Give Off

  1. Do you make any of these tells? Also, here are the 5 hands that only losing poker players play: https://youtu.be/Vyad8NubrQI

  2. Phil Hellmuth disagrees with rule number 4. He will tell you about his loss to Harrington at a private game from 20 years ago and thinks the dealer cheated him.

  3. Be very weary of someone who sits down at 2/5 for $400. Either rank amateur or seasoned pro visiting a casino where he isn't known.

  4. Rapid Eye Blinking when someone is Bluffing and trying to act confident. But they are Blinking like crazy. Slamming Chips Down. The last one is so bad I think it's a set up some times.

  5. I think some pros would do #1 first bullet point too, like some may idolize Doyle Brunson as he is such a goat. Gossip is amaturish, but I feel its decent to admire or idolize some pros for what their doing or their playing style sometimes.

  6. Telling Bad Beat Stories — Phil Hellmuth wrote a whole book on bad beats. 🤣🤣🤣

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