5 Tips for Playing Omaha

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Hi guys! It’s Dominic here, and today I am going to give you 5 easy tips for mastering the game of Pot-Limit Omaha.

When playing Omaha, always be prepared for variance. Live poker games are volatile and you will experience swings along the way. It is important that you focus on making the best decision in every hand you’re involved with. Make sure that you’re properly rolled for the stakes you play and don’t worry too much about short-term variance.

Overvaluing your hand is a common mistake that players often make. For example, a naked flush draw is still a naked flush draw in Omaha and you should not get carried away with it. It is important to be realistic about these spots and avoid piling up chips when you know that you are behind.

Always be careful with your starting hand selection. In PLO, just because you receive four cards does not mean you should play a bunch of hands. A pre-flop poker hand selection may be more important than in Texas Hold’em. You should get involved with the hands that play well post-flop. This means you should play hands that have the potential to make the nuts and don’t have bad reverse implied odds.

Make sure you play tight. Always be confident with your hands before you play them. You may fold more often in Omaha. If you

In fact, if you just practice tight play, you’ll probably be profitable in either version of Omaha if you’re playing in the lower limits. Most low-limit Omaha players tend to get attached to their hands because they see potential that isn’t really there.
The terms “tight” and “loose,” refer to how often you fold versus how often you play a hand. Players who play few hands and fold a lot are considered tight, while players who play a lot of hands and rarely fold are considered loose players.
Loose players sometimes do well in Texas hold’em if they’re aggressive enough, but that’s not necessarily the case in Omaha.
Want to win at Omaha? Learn how to fold when your cards don’t all work together.

Finally, focus on the nuts! Omaha poker games are all about making the nuts. It, therefore, requires a completely different mindset to a game like Hold’em, where it is possible to regularly win pots without the best hand.

There are so many cards in play in a game of PLO, that if you’re not absolutely convinced you have the best hand, someone else probably does.

Be prepared to fold, even with a hand that would look good in Hold’em. This can be a tricky adjustment at first, but getting the hang of it is crucial.

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5 Tips for Playing Omaha

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