Cheating at Cards: How Dealers Cheat in Casinos #shorts

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Ever wonder why they change the dealers every 30 minutes? Now you know.

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Cheating at Cards: How Dealers Cheat in Casinos #shorts

10 thoughts on “Cheating at Cards: How Dealers Cheat in Casinos #shorts

  1. I'm not trying to be a hater, I'm just simply observing. I find it interesting that when you flashed us the bottom of the deck the king of spades was next to the 5 of hearts and the third position ended up with those cards and I'm assuming that was the guy you were trying to bait. So in my limited card manipulation knowledge, this leads me to believe that cards you want to control are sometimes next to each other pre shuffle and when you shuffle them to deal you can control how far apart they go in order to get both of them in the right hand.

    I find it all very interesting and I love a good show, I usually don't care to try and figure out tricks I like tricks because I want to be entertained but I just found this interesting since you did flash us the bottom of the deck

    Keep up the great content!

  2. Ex dealer, winning big hands the casino look at the deal. Doubt they could pickup the hand shuffle hence automatic shuffle. But if you are always paying the same player, you are definitely getting caught.

  3. So much control, I give you lots of props for using a plastic deck and making it seem flawless and effortlessly.

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