Four Step Poker Free Webinar – Ask Me Anything #002

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Take your game to the next level.
3:25 What would you do with a $1000 bankroll?
12:31 How to overcome a fear of losing your entire bankroll?
21:41 Is it legit to take notes in casino right after a hand? What is the best way to capture your hand?
31:46 How do you manage to work full time AND play poker?
42:10 Should I play PLO to improve my Holdem skills?
52:15 How do you play cash games at the table with both sharks and fishes?
1:00:12 How big should your stack size be in cash games?
1:04:00 How did poker change in the last few years?
1:13:15 How do you overcome a lack of confidence?
1:23:20 Do you always take your time to think or do you use your instincts?
1:33:40 What’s your main focus when playing multi tables online?

Welcome to my Free Poker Webinars. Learn how to play poker, get free poker tips and best poker advices and take your game to the next level. You will find poker basics, but also advanced lessons on how to play texas hodem, no matter if you play online poker, live cash games or poker tournaments. For Texas holdem hands analysis and to submit your poker hands please visit .
Learn how to act at the poker table. You can also find online poker tips, advanced poker strategy, poker hand analysis of the best cash games 2015 and insight from wsop 2015 main event and other mayor poker tournaments. Some of the videos will feature topics such as poker bluff, how to overcome poker bad beat.
Check out other playlist for poker hands analysis with best poker plays 2015, but also some of the poker hands that I played with top pro poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and many others. See the poker highlights from the best high stakes cash games 2015.

Don’t miss Hand of The Day playlist where I explain decision-making process in poker videos done for PokerNews.
Stay tuned for exclusive reports form WSOP 2015 Main event.

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Four Step Poker Free Webinar – Ask Me Anything #002

10 thoughts on “Four Step Poker Free Webinar – Ask Me Anything #002

  1. Hello Alec, have been enjoying your channel for some time now, especially the "hand of the day vids". Now I actually have a hand myself I would like your to look at, I got the hand downloaded. If you would like too see it, how should I send it too you? Thanks. 😉

  2. Alec, I love your videos, their an inspiration, i have a question, I love poker, I play 1/2 NL at my local casino, however lately have been getting frustrated, the players I see are bad and sometimes raise 10x pre flop and call anything, (best players to play against right) however I seem to get frustrated as when I do pick up a premium hand like AK and raise 5x I get 5 callers and flop comes 9.10.8 or something and I can't continue facing bets, and if card dead it's impossible to play against these people and can't bluff in good spots when know their weak and they call you down with anything! Are these small stakes games with bad players just a case of turning up and playing abc poker ? And if card dead for 3/4 hours then that's the case, just come back next time be patient and wait for good solid cards pre flop no matter how frustrating this gets if it doesn't come? Thanks mate, Kyle in London .

  3. Cool point about "always wanting to be playing your best so would rather just play one great day than 3 mediocre days." Therefore, you would rather use the week to slice off things hanging over your head that stand out, which includes spending some of that time sharpening tools of the trade ("Book of Five Rings" reference also).

    This is awesome info, thanks! Great questions you all! I learned a lot from them — GL and never give up!

  4. Has the dude on the far right attached his camera to a cat or something? Stop moving the camera its really annoying!


  6. just go with an international online casino, been doin it in ohio for awhile with ignition casino. also could use bitcoin

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