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This video reviews the questions and answers to the ‘More Hands vs More Flops” quiz (the average score is just 53%). These questions range from “how often does a small pair flop a set?” to “how often does QJo flop a straight draw?” Knowing these factoids can help you plan your hand preflop, especially when you can estimate the value of flop different hand strengths.

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How Often Do Hands Hit Flops In Poker? | SplitSuit

10 thoughts on “How Often Do Hands Hit Flops In Poker? | SplitSuit

  1. BINGO – That's my question right there at 6:37 . This happens SO often in poker where you're constantly on a draw with NO made hand! How do you get "comfortable" with that? LOVE your vids – wish they had Flopzilla for Mac!

  2. Everyone is always concerned about the positive but what about the negative side?
    Like the reverse if something has a 15% chance of hitting ur flush u also have a 85% chance u won’t!
    If u have a 20% chance of hitting an open ended straight draw on the flop u also have an 80% chance u won’t!
    Just saying u can go by odds with every decision u make but at the end of the day ur always behind statistically with a person who has a made hand on the flop and ur looking to get ahead

  3. I find this information especially useful when effective stack size is also taken into account. First you should understand your opponents potential range and if you are considering a high-risk/high-gain bet you should also make sure that Villain can pay you.

  4. Although I love ur vlog. The stats are inaccurate. Please post a vlog explanation of the math. I did myself and didn’t match up with yours. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie

  5. Shocking that more than 50% people know odds of these hands. I had expected 10% to know. No wonder poker has gotten so much more competitive now.

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