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CASH GAME – Part 2!!
If you wanna know more about cash games you’re at the right place. Today we’ll cover bluffing strategy. Check the full playlist for Part 1.
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How to BLUFF in Cash Games | Learn with Lex

10 thoughts on “How to BLUFF in Cash Games | Learn with Lex

  1. Do you use any extra tools to help with decision-making? You can spot a tip on the video 😉

  2. I would rather learn with Lex Coach(lmao) than with him, if this dude isn't a massive loosing player as well. Poker Community needs to cleanse itself from certain people, this is a joke

  3. "if I wanna 4 bet here i really need to cards than can make a straight" Lex 2023,

    however is coaching you is terrible, its unimaginable how you can be so bad after 20 years of poker

  4. Good video lex, thanks!! Didnt know you couldn't call along in the SB with KJ off and hands similar even against smaller raises…

  5. This cash game videos are amazing don´t get me wrong, but I think it would be more relatable to us if you play micro – low stakes instead. Your audience is mostly compound by micro – low stakes players. Just a thought. Keep it up Lex! Regards from Argentina!

  6. The sloppy way you pronounce the word "good" is wayyy too cringe, more cringe than you cash game 'game'.

  7. 10:20 oof really gotta turn that open ender, second pair into a semi bluff….. also Q10s on the BTN vs lj is mostly a flat. Great video though, full of useful info… you can also use card color/suit to make % based decisions if you're live

  8. Good content.Keep it up and more of these!You are the man!💪🤌

  9. It was great when you said that the spade wasn’t important because they wouldn’t have that low card in other combos. It would be cool if you could explain that. I honestly would thought that any spade would be important

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