BET THAT FLOP!!! $3,30 BOUNTY BUILDER [Twitch Poker Strategy]

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BET THAT FLOP!!! $3,30 BOUNTY BUILDER [Twitch Poker Strategy]

10 thoughts on “BET THAT FLOP!!! $3,30 BOUNTY BUILDER [Twitch Poker Strategy]

  1. hey, you flop-better you! I saw this earlier this morning, and maybe learned something from it. Won a ticket to the 30.7. micromillions tournament from a sng table I late regd when there was two minutes left. I'm sure everyone loved me at the table, coming in with 11,5 BBs. Cheers, if I ever visit Germany I'll buy you a beer! Kippis!

  2. the player 1 was a limper, so he doesnt have AQ or KQ for sure…preflop we think that player 2 has better hand than yours…but there is a Q in the board, one Q has player1, u have 1 so its unlikely for him to have Q…when i was watching the video, i think that u eventually called…

  3. Wouldn't it even be sometimes a call on the river depending on the bounty of Player 1?

  4. betting here is incorrect 100% as u are failing to realise your equity any of the 3 players behind can be pot controlling in check call mode and u are inflating the pot. if he had A5 A6 of hearts he should bet.u talk about bountys yet the bounty is 75c and the buy in is $3.30 flixx i love u bro but giving mtt advice isnt for you bro as u clearly dont have a clue! the turn is a fold as well.

  5. if he bets the flop and any player of the 3 is at least likly to have at least a gutshot. what u are saying here is u are puttin all 3 players on j high plus as 9-10 is open ended. your explanation makes no sense its a clear checkback 4 way and a fold on the turn as we cannot expect to get paid when a heart hits

  6. hu its a bet 3 way or more its a checkback. why would u be putting valueble chips at risk at low blinds in a mtt

  7. So what do you think about the new rewards program at pokerstars ? If you weren't a team pro, would you keep playing there ?

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