How to Bluff in Poker – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Bluffing Lesson

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Video Description
In this video, I cover basic bluffing in poker. This bluffing video is specific to No-Limit Texas hold’em Poker. I teach you why bluffing is important and how you can identify good situations to bluff.

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How to Bluff in Poker – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Bluffing Lesson

10 thoughts on “How to Bluff in Poker – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Bluffing Lesson

  1. That all sounds good, but don't think people fold their draws all the time just because they don't have the odds, that may be giving your opponents way too much credit.

  2. poker theory is all good and well….you need the basics but for me at the end of the day it comes down to holding back until you get some kind of read on your opponents. there are so many variables out there..slow players and those ( beginners) who believe "any hand can win " etc,,,then theres the just plain luck/bad luck factor..for meits all about "feel"

  3. @bwyemkn i have started building my bank roll, you can start with a no deposit bonus to reduce your risk. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free here ==>

  4. in a tournament i say continuation bet works fine but not cash game these days. Now people float a ton. continuation bet not as good as it used to be.
    they also know you miss a lot too. So they will raise and float more often. Only agasinst a player folding a lot post flop the continuation bet works well.
    Ther is a good example at about 6 min of video you float him that what people do these days. So continuation bet is no good.

  5. The harder someone tries to conceal his or her weak or strong hand the more transparent the tactic, under pressure we always revert to type, raise daisy usually sorts the hens from the foxes, classy production thanks

  6. Maybe you should make it clear, REAL money poker is way different than FAKE money poker. I find with Fake money poker it's almost impossible to bluff, because when you get called or even raised and they lose, they lose NOTHING, in other words, there is no real consequences to betting like an guy and losing. Kinda like Israel and the JEWs, they start wars, yet they lose NOTHING because America is totally corrupted by the JEW and it will be JEWmerica that has to pay DEARLY, for when the insane JEW drags USA into their wars. Everyone but the JEW is suffering, so the Middle East wars continue as long as it's the JEW not suffering. To stop these stupid wars over a piece of bad land that 'god' gave to the insane JEW, the JEW will have to SUFFER, including those they corrupt, along with their families. When there are REAL STAKES in the Wars the JEWS start, the JEW will not bluff, when it's their ASS' on the line, instead of American Soldiers and American tax dollars. Joe Magnets

  7. Online tournament players. Do NOT bluff in the early stages. The bingo players and fish will call you way too much to bluff. The middle stages are probably the best time to bluff as a lot of tight/passive players will still be around but they wont call many bets unless they have the nuts. Towards the end it will be mostly the better players who either. a-only go into pots with premium hands or b- probably be able to tell a lot of bluffs. For instance if someone is raising on the button or around theyre probably trying to steal blinds.

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