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Professional Poker Dealer Tami D explains how to deal one complete hand of Texas Holdem poker.

The Dealer pitches every player 2 cards face down. Once each player has both hole cards they can decide to play the hand for some or all of their chips or they can fold their hand. When pre-flop action is completed, the Dealer then deals the 3 community card flop on the board. A round of action occurs. Dealer deals 1 card on the Turn. A round of action occurs. Dealer then deals 1 card on the River. Dealer will then drop the deck to free up your hands and create a Muck pile. A round of action occurs.

Remaining players turn over their hands for you to call out their cards. If everyone turns over their hands initially, start on your left. Losing hands are turned over and added to the Muck. Make sure only the winning hand is left shown face up on the board. The cards on the board that are part of the winning hand are pushed up on the board, showing the best 5 card poker hand of the winner. The pot is pushed to the winner. A new deal starts the next hand.

That’s the explanation of How to Deal Texas Holdem, however simple it looks, there are many techniques you will need to learn to deal like a pro.

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How To Deal Texas Holdem