How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

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Learn how to play Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, then get in on the action in the Riverwind Poker Room.

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How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

10 thoughts on “How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

  1. I wouldn't play at this casino. What a RIP – $.50 just to ante up?? That's a rake! Also regarding betting – Never bet the TRIPS, Never bet 3X on first two cards, and Never, Never listen to the dealers……

  2. So you guys charge me 50 cents a hand so that I can bet my money and most likely give it to you?

  3. So rules and BS were added to a perfect game to make it suck balls….good job whoever created this bunk ass game.

  4. This is dumb. What a horrible game and why would anyone who actually thinks played this?So you’re gonna tell me if you hit quads in that game you only make $150. Plus they take $.50 for every hand so you can bet your own money. Anybody who plays this is a complete moron and should just handover the money to the casino let them kick them in the nuts and CAll it a day

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