Most UNDERRATED Hands – Texas Hold’em

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You know your online poker, you know how to play Hold’em, and you know your poker hands.

But do you know which hands are actually underrated?

Ignition experts break down their top underrated Texas Hold’em hands, so you know to raise, fold or check in less obvious situations.

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00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Hand #1
02:15 – Hand #2
03:07 – Hand #3
03:48 – Hand #4
04:27 – Hand #5
04:56 – Hand #6
05:30 – Hand #7
06:12 – Hand #8
06:52 – Hand #9
08:08 – Hand #10
08:30 – Bonus Tip

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Most UNDERRATED Hands – Texas Hold’em

10 thoughts on “Most UNDERRATED Hands – Texas Hold’em

  1. As a poker player myself, I raised you a like & all-in for the subscribe!♦️♥️♠️♣️

  2. K8 is very underrated, yes its not a good hand for straights, but I tend to get flushes with K8 suited or K/8 three of a kind or even a full house

  3. I hear all this trash about ignition being rigged? Any OPINIONS? Also any suggestions for where a US player can get in using bitcoin. Ignition had a promotion and didn’t follow through. I deposited 200 dollars and they promised 300% match(150%) poker. Wanna guess how much I got? 0$. Also I was unable to withdraw my 200 that I deposited. So I played it all and had some VERY suspicious games played. Bots? I didn’t believe the people saying it was rigged until I played. I wanna hear what you all think. I personally had a bad experience and their customer service did not help at all. Just sent me to FAQ

  4. I'm 35yrs old I learned the basics when I was 9yrs old because I'm over 6ft and had a goatee since I was 13yrs old I've been playing since I was 14yrs old I started at a 1 to 5 limit 7 card stud at the Taj mahal in AC and since I've played everything everywhere I've cashed in wsop tournaments and wpt tournaments I've also won a lot of 100 dollar buy in like the Hilton at midnight and a few in Philly but I love my cash games and it's not that this video is not true because it is to an extent if you want to be good at poker you must be able to read what the other player is holding I've always played so and so hands so when I get the monster I get paid off but if you don't have the ability to read a room or people and you simply go off of cards you will get eaten alive me at 15yrs old I was busting people left and right with k9 A10 and the infamous Q8 but I knew what the player in front of me was holding most of the time the only issue and its a real problem one of the main reasons I stopped playing just anywhere and its because of TV growing up I enjoyed playing all types of games then the Chris moneymaker won on ESPN and you could see the whole cards pre flop and it destroyed playing at regular cash casino games because every moron wants to shoot all in with his pocket 22 because he seen it on TV which that same moron seems to always catch the river 2 and busts AAs or KKs and there basically only 2 games in any casino on the east coast since TV blew up around 05 and its Omaha or holdem so if you needed this common sense advice from this video my suggestion is don't play poker this is all basic knowledge and if you didn't know this you won't win idc who you are or who you are playing against if this video helped you stick to slot machines

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