Poker Basics Pt5-How to Play 5-Card Stud

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The video is another in a series of Poker basic videos aimed at beginner poker players, whether you’re brand new to poker or a Texas Hold ‘em player wanting to learn a different style of poker.

This is Part 5 of a 10-part series on Poker basics which shows how to play the game 5-Card Stud.

This video, combined with Parts 2 and 3 explaining the Poker hand ranks, dealing and betting, should provide enough information to play 5-Card Stud. Stud games have a different way of establishing the bet opener which will be explained in this video and reveal some insider tips on betting.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro (can be skipped)
02:19 Intro to Up cards and betting based on Up cards
03:21 Brief history of 5-Card Stud
03:43 Stud Vs Draw
05:50 How to play 5-Card Stud, Step-by-Step
11:53 Betting strategies for 5-Card Stud
13:09 Dealing and Betting Variations
14:25 Closing comments (can be skipped)

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“Kick a Buck” Luke Jackson, Cool Hand Luke (1967)
“Should Have Done This…” Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek:The Next Generation (1994)

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Poker Basics Pt5-How to Play 5-Card Stud

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  1. There's a phrase in poker about players trying to bluff other players into dropping. Its called "trying to sell wolf tickets"

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