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  1. @fourfives89 this isnt true either… it depends on stack size. if we are playing HU at the end of a tourney and only have 8-10 bb ill take Q7 all day and crush 54.

  2. lovein never will work at Pokerstars///// again I just lost AA vs KJ K on the fop full raise he hit freaking J on the river.. ok this can happen then why my 10 8 suited flop 8 10 2 turn Q river 2..and KK hit two pair on the river.. joke. no more poker star I am done seriously.

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  4. pokerstars is largest joke site online, the loosers always loose and the winners always win,its rng knows how you play and sets the flop for you to gamble all your money for rake

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  7. at 5:00 you didn't say how many people were at the table… if everyone folds and it's down to 2 players, I would say AA wins more than 75 percent of the time.

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