Poker-Playing AI Beats Pro Players

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An artificial intelligence program called Pluribus, developed by Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Facebook AI, has defeated top professionals in six-player, no-limit Texas hold’em poker. This video shows sample hands from Pluribus’s experiment against human players (cards are turned face up to make it easier to see Pluribus’s strategy). Credit: Facebook

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Poker-Playing AI Beats Pro Players

10 thoughts on “Poker-Playing AI Beats Pro Players

  1. The worst players here were actually the humans. First hand the human cbets into 3 opponents with air which is terrible. Second hand the AI correctly reads the human is on a marginal hand and check raises for value – easy fold for the human. Third hand human calls a 4bet out of position with another marginal hand and then goes berserk when they miss.

  2. Lmao, they lost to pros for 9bbs/100 hands and called it a statistical tie. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually lost again, I see a lot of mistakes here. There’s no way top pair is good enough to trap 3 streets and raise river for value

  3. At 3:56 the P1 BETS $2400 it is not a raise

    I think they could also improve the aethetics by putting the chips in FRONT of the stack – or at least keep it separate.

  4. The bot has progressed I'm sure but I don't think it can win at a table of online pros. Maybe win at the average 1/2 casino game but it would need a good disguise.

  5. I just see normal poker lol this is really not impressive. I see people play like this in 1/2 live cash game all the time

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