Texas Holdem Poker Online – Leakfinder Video 4 – 4nl 6 Max Cash Game Poker Part 1/2

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Texas Holdem Poker Online – Leakfinder Video 4 – 4nl 6 Max Cash Game Poker Part 1/2

8 thoughts on “Texas Holdem Poker Online – Leakfinder Video 4 – 4nl 6 Max Cash Game Poker Part 1/2

  1. Thanks for the comments guys, with comments on specific hands type in the time so that people can quickly find the hand and review it in order to respond better. A note on the min raise though, how is it "mathematically unaesthethic" what is the empirical evidence to show it is wrong? If players fold you get great odds, if they call you are playing a small pot in position with the initiative, if they raise you can call much wider and play a 3 bet pot in position?

  2. Just finish watching part 1… I agree with the cbet completely, honestly when reviewing my hand history i realized that betting 1/2 pot is giving overcards the right odds to call and not getting good value from Draws, while 1/2 pot is a much mre easier decision to do more floating and reraising. I think i knew it during the time of the recording but i was in that "Auto-Pilot" mode where i was use to betting 1/2 pot and was having a hard time changing that bt its good for you to confirm

  3. that it is indeed a mistake… Also, watching this over again and looking at the hand review with KK where i folded on the turn, i had really good odds to make the call and against his range i was still dominating him, that was a big error, which im not proud of myself but nothing can be done now…

  4. unexceptional rounder when do you think the right time to move to 10nl is? on ur bankroll challenge on carbon?

  5. It is all about your goals and level of confidence. One thing that is interesting is that because you will pay a lower winrate of rake at 10NL you don't have to beat the game for as many bb/100 you just have to deal with a better player pool and larger swings in your total bankroll. If you have 10,000-25,000 hands winning at 5nl and 20 buy ins you can start mixing in one table of 10nl to slowly move up.

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