Texas Blues Guitar Lesson – Dream Licks Made Easy

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Texas Blues guitar lesson – Advanced lead guitar lick made easy! In this easy lead guitar lesson, I break down one of my favorite 3 part blues licks. Drawn from the blues scale, open A string position, this group of phrases have a Texas blues sound, similar to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tabs are included throughout this free HD instructional guitar lesson from Philadelphia’s #1 rated guitar instructor Rob Swift. Let’s get started!
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Texas Blues Guitar Lesson – Dream Licks Made Easy

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  1. Aaah – so sweet! You and Justin are best on the web. Please keep up the great work. You rock!!

  2. hello! yours videos are really well made. Very kindly and very useful. Thank you very much !

  3. Being searching around for a good tutor for over a year now, now I have found one and I'm enjoying myself and learning, thanks

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