Craps Terminology

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Craps Terminology – This video introduces the student to some basic terminology used in playing the game of craps.

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Craps Terminology

8 thoughts on “Craps Terminology

  1. Sure I would like to see your video's.

    Where do I go to see what you have done?
    Beau Parker
    Dice Coach

  2. Not a bad video, however, I have been in the casino business for over 10 years…craps dealer for 8…supervisor/boxperson for 2. I have never heard the term "George". Also, there is only one pit boss per pit. The other suits are floorpeople. They are responsible for supervising a section of the pit and reporting to the Pit Manager/Pit Boss.

  3. @bella617bella I've only been a dealer for a few weeks and I know what a 'George' is.

    The other thing he got wrong was "contract bets"…he said the "only 2 on the board is pass line and come bet"….he forgot don't pass and don't come are contracts as well I guess?

  4. The don't pass and don't come are not considered contract bets. They can be taken down at any time.

  5. Anything on the dont side can be brought down at any time Flat bet and odds included, but once you pick it up you cant replace it unless you go through the dont come or wait for a 7.

    For the pass line and come bets they cant be taken down they stay till they lose. any type of "odds" can be brought down at any time. the only thing that's locked in are flat bets on the come and pass line.

  6. @gbvgjyu
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