The AI That Beats Everyone At Poker – Intro to Pluribus

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The AI that beats everyone in poker – Pluribus is taking the poker world by storm, but no one seems to know anything about it. Except bigbluffzinc. Why Pluribus is important for winning.
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The AI That Beats Everyone At Poker –  Intro to Pluribus

10 thoughts on “The AI That Beats Everyone At Poker – Intro to Pluribus

  1. Did you guys enjoy the Pluribus content? Should I dive into the AI even more or stick to our normal content? Let me know!

  2. Noticed it matches people when has a high pair and if somebody raises it -it reraises 5 x roughly,I only found out about this today ,I need to study this because this is something special

  3. 8min 20
    any idea of the frequency of this size bet with this hand?? and any idea of value range to balance this move??

    nice vids!

  4. If we read the "fine print" we see that Pluribus played an artificially simplified version of no limit hold'em:

    (1) every player's chipstack was reset back to exactly 100 big blinds, whereas in real holdem, chistacks fluctuate and can grow to over 1,000 big blinds, increasing game complexity exponentially.

    (2) No "straddle" bets or extra blind bets were allowed, as in real poker, further simplifying the game for the bot.

    (3) Players did not come-and-go, take breaks, or "sit out" as in real poker, further simplifying the game for the bot by keeping the number of opponents exactly the same at all times.

    (4) The bot actually lost money overall while a top pro won a bundle, but the programmers used a debateable algorithm to "adjust for the luck factor" to measure the bot's performance, giving it a "bad luck bonus." No such "adjustments" were made for the benefit of the humans.

    Echoes of the IBM Deep Blue team's shenanigans in chess. Exaggerated claims to grab headlines.

  5. Does the Ace fold on the first hand not seem overly tight, though? Top fair three handed… 🤷‍♂️

  6. i have mastered how it plays in each possition and lost 10 dollars as was in 1 and 2 pence rooms to test it out -will be trying it in bigger rooms when i get paid ,defo the people playing me wouldnt have matched me if bigger stakes -i know how it plays in each position ,cant wait

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