This $12,000 Cooler Nearly Made Me QUIT Poker! C2B Poker Vlog 193

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This $12,000 Cooler Nearly Made Me QUIT Poker! C2B Poker Vlog 193 (JOIN CLUB GG) & And Play with ME!

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This $12,000 Cooler Nearly Made Me QUIT Poker! C2B Poker Vlog 193

10 thoughts on “This $12,000 Cooler Nearly Made Me QUIT Poker! C2B Poker Vlog 193

  1. QQ vs. AK hand. Here is my feedback: You made a couple of statements. "When people overplay spots like this" "When people over bet the river or the turn." "They don't really know what they're doing." You are definitely right…there's a possibility they could be doing this with a flush draw…and given the size of the pot $1.435k and the size of his jam $1.554k it's a PERFECT time to put you into the blender about whether it's a flush draw or if he has top pair. ALSO, however: He has what he thinks at the time is the winning hand with his top pair top kicker. It makes ABSOLUTE sense that if he puts a flush draw in your range to get all the chips in now and charge you. Think about how many guys in his exact spot would say on a poker vlog "We're gonna' play for stacks if he has a draw." or "I can't let a draw get there for cheap." etc. You have even said this on a TON of occasions. Nearly every good poker player I know doesn't raise AK pre from time to time EXACTLY for this scenario. While watching this I was begging for you to fold it. This is a great opportunity to release it and wait for a better spot. Don't know if you will care but might help you in the future. Also good to see you at Hustlers that night. You passed on run good with the straight flush happening then the next day I nailed a bad beat jackpot up in Northern CA.

  2. In situations like the last hand you gotta ask yourself could this realistically be anything other than the nuts. Sometimes you get so caught up in a extremely strong hand that you can’t let go but that’s when you’re intuition starts to kick in and if you don’t have the stone cold nuts you have to make that discipline fold!!!!

  3. Sickening cooler keep the head up take a break go get a smoothie and chill out

  4. Man you have every right to vent, I would never not call..even if I felt like I was beaten, not with a boat I'd have to pay it off to see..better luck next session

  5. he could be blffing that hands you described and I GUESS possibly 10-7suit(which you have Well blocked), but man , if he has the guts to do that, he almost deserves the pot, You know you are no good, but to foldthat hand, you need some history,—- never overvalues hand( there are guys out there that would) incapable of finding a good bluff( which is 97% of peoole)—–I couldn't fold it, but I would go home saying to myself, of course he had it, they always have it there…

  6. The comments are hilarious telling you to fold a set, u didn't fold qq on a k hi board didn't fold kk on a 1 liner and flush board and they think you have it in you to fold a set! Lmao

  7. Nature of the beast brother. Last hand is never a bluff vs. player type. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to get bluffed. You will save way more money over time than you will make. Unless your read is solid, just let it go. Sounds easy but it isnt. Play a little tighter.

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