10 thoughts on “How I Win ($50M to $1B CHIPS) in 32minutes! Zynga Poker Gameplay! Must Watch! 1080p

  1. VISTED MY INSTAGRAM,IM SELLING CHIPS ZYNGA POKER (https://www.instagram.com/90zynga_poker/?hl=id)

  2. Make a new account, play for around 10 minutes and go to settings>redeem and type WLG3003 for easy 550M

  3. XD2CHUN 👈 Just redeem this code if u want free chips 🙂
    Open Settings – Referrals – Redeem and type code above 👆

    Free Chips isn't bad at all 😁

  4. The game is fixed ,fake, rigged, in many occasions you find yourself in position whan you lose with pair of aces in your hand by player with weaker hand and that repeats too many times and can not be a coincidence.
    The game became so disgusting to me,becose i lose too many times from weaker cards and that repetedly in one single game that you find urself thinking that some sick and twisted mind is playing with you and allways fixes the game. All those good reviews came from zynga employes.

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