Ultimate Texas Holdem

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Let’s get that ROYAL FLUSH today! I am here filming LIVE at Oxford Downs Poker Room. Ultimate Texas Hold em and Wild Card Flush are my favorites – what will we do today?

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Ultimate Texas Holdem

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Texas Holdem

  1. What a session my friend, OMG! That dealer only deals great hands. Either he gives them to you or he hogs them all, there is no in between with that dealer.

  2. Regarding the joke about people who have the most birthdays live the longest……I knew a lady who lived two years short of her 23rd birthday and lived to the age of ninety. Think about it and how was possible?

  3. It would really be nice if you could hear something other than chips banging.

  4. That's because you can't make money Pitbull playing so little on top.

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