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In this video you will learn all about SPR, a powerful poker concept that helps you visualize commitment. SplitSuit covers what a small, medium, and large SPR look like and also the hands that perform best in each. Calculating SPR is simple, and something that good players are always considering before putting in money preflop. So get this concept understood so you can choose better ranges preflop and understand when to automatically stack off postflop!

You can learn more about SPR in this comprehensive article: https://www.splitsuit.com/spr-poker-strategy

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What Is SPR? | Poker Quick Plays

10 thoughts on “What Is SPR? | Poker Quick Plays

  1. Great video but way to fast for me to capture what's going on as each example unfolds.

  2. I’m a bit confused and would be really grateful if you could answer this question. Using the example at 4:50, why would we want to 4bet instead of call? 4betting would make the spr even smaller right? Unless the intention here is to get them to fold which is very unlikely considering they raised us and have a short stack.

  3. What if you are late in a tourney? I found myself having a 20bb stack 5 handed. I min raised in early position with QJo… probably my fatal mistake. I got 2 callers and flopped a top pair J in a 2.4 SPR pot. I figured I had to shove, only to get called by KJo and bust. I guess I shouldn't be raising with QJo in early position, but I figured a) it was only 5 handed b) I needed to pick up some blinds. If I waited for the range you suggested to raise with my stack, I think I would have given up on too many pots and gotten blinded out, but I'm not sure.

  4. Very. Very important concept. I was making a lot of mistakes in the past trying to setmine with SPR close to 2-3…now I rarely make this mistake… But thanks again for clarification.

  5. Right idea non of the math lol

    You have 6 outs and 10k your on the flop and he bets 1/2 pot and half pot is X.

    X is what 10% of your stack 25% of your stack or 60% of your stack what is your move.

  6. Hi James, I was wondering if the concept of what the effective stack is changes when in multi-way pots. I ask this because even if the effective stack goes all in on the flop or the turn, in a multi-way pot the larger stacks can obviously continue to keep betting and building side-pots. Does being in a multi-way pot change what is considered the effective stack when calculating SPR?

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