Early Game Poker with Bencb

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Do you struggle with the Early Stages in Poker and have a hard time getting to mid and late stages? Bencb789 shares with you his Early Game in this live play video!

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Early Game Poker with Bencb

10 thoughts on “Early Game Poker with Bencb

  1. Very solid content, thanks for uploading!
    At 31:50 you 3bet AJo and say you'd probably fold from one position earlier. This surprised me a lot. My line of thought went simply: first to act min raises, this looks strong, is AJo good enough to 3bet? A flat makes it very cheap for the blinds. If you are worried about a 4bet that is most likely from the raiser and with card removal effect (of your cards + the raiser) I wouldn't be very worried about one more player. This is not really a question, but very interesting to get some insight into your perspective, at a far higher level than mine.

  2. Hey Ben , big respect that you share your game with us , but want to give a little advise , in small or medium stakes tourneys you was surpised that they calling or snaping you to light , so then you start using time bank , people usually are thinking that you are blufing , this is poor true , especialy bad players , i know you doing content for people and tryng to explain , but try to go all in bluff before time bank in small or medium stakes . Second thing i saw , that i think was a big mistake in warm up , then you lost flip with QQ, you still had 4 antes , and 2 players left to itm , so i give you 70-80% that if you did every 4 hands just having your full time bank , you reach ITM , big respect Ben, saying just obvious thing in my opinion. 😉

  3. Ben you are a very good player. With that being said, people know how aggressive you are and how well balanced you are. People hit a pair on you and then buckle up to call you down.

  4. Hey Ben amazing content as always. Can You tell us witch computer do you use and how big screen do you have? Playing so many tables I am very interesting how big screen you need for that?
    Thank you. <3

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