1. I watch all the ay through if you posted a 2 hour poker video I would watch all the way

  2. You are very nice I like watching you play all the times. People just get jealous because you better than others that's it. Victor the only one that angry most of the times not you. You are good don't worry we love your videos.

  3. I watch another player .. won’t mention who.. when he wins he is giddy… when he loses he throws temper tandrums…🤪🤪🤪.
    Since I found You… I have A difficult time enjoying his videos….
    You’re #1

  4. I liked some of the earlier videos where Barbie was playing with you with my size betting… you can play how ever much you enjoy…your money your choice… great entertaining videos

  5. I really love watching your videos!every time my bell 🔔 rings I get so excited cuz I know it’s gonna be a crazy!hope I can join on your group pull on texas Holdem ..thank you for the great video and god bless…

  6. Two things: 1) as far as length of video, my preference would be an hour or less. I like to be able to see an entire session in one viewing. To me, the key is whether at the end of the session you’re a winner or a loser; 2) I stopped watching that other channel exactly because that guy was so negative. Sara’s okay, but I won’t watch him. I don’t need that whining.

  7. Why does the dealer cut and turn the cards then put them back in the same order???

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