Choosing the Correct Bet Size on the Flop

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Choosing the Correct Bet Size on the Flop

10 thoughts on “Choosing the Correct Bet Size on the Flop

  1. So if I play you and realize this is how you're playing, can't I just bet to make you fold? It seems like if you're using strict guidelines, even if they are a bit soft, it's pretty easy to attack your plan. "Normally they won't' have A's" – Okay, so I limp in with A-A, wait for you to go to your chart to raise, then trap you? Polk uses a RNG to choose when to raise. It seems like unpredictability is best.

  2. I did some math with an equity calculator, and I don't think I agree with your choices for flops where the PFR IP has a range advantage.

    This is using your GTO preflop ranges for both the UTG raiser and BB flat.

    If I just run UTG vs BB, UTG has the following equity for those flops



    So two of your examples for flops where the IP PFR has a "strong range advantage" actually have the lowest equity of all.

    What, then, is the "range advantage" concept supposed to mean? Just that we can have more top and middle pairs? We are supposed to completely ignore the equity of our draws for this type of analysis?

    Like on 432 no flush draw, UTG actually has A5s for the nut wheel and a billion aces that help them draw to the wheel.

    I feel like the primary reason UTG has a stronger range than BB on most of these flops is actually all of the overpairs.

    And a low flop is better for having overpairs, first because there's more combinations of overpairs, but also because the board isn't blocking your overpair combinations by turning them into half-as-many sets.

  3. These streamed sessions on youtube are the pokerplayer's Dora the explorer sometimes.

    "I can hear you!! Jeeeeej"
    "NOOOO, fold Jonathan, fold!"
    "Hooray, Jonathan survived the episode."

    Except that Jonathan stressed out that we should steal as much as possible…

  4. Hey Jonathan! What do you think about those small bet sizes at low lives stakes NLHE? Such as 1/3 Ive implemented this recently but no one folds to small bets like that. if you were to adjust what would the adjustment be ? Thank you, Cody

  5. It's easier for us to just applaud your work, but no one knows more better than you that how much effort it takes to figure out this probably one of the most important concept of poker and that too providing us for free!!! You are God 🙏🙏

    Let us atleast do the easier work of applauding you.

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