How To MASTER 3-Betting!

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One of the best preflop strategies you can add to your poker game is exploitatively three-betting. By knowing when to three-bet, you can give yourself an edge in poker tournaments and cash games. You don’t always need pocket aces to be aggressive at the poker table.

By the end of today’s stream, I want YOU to take this quiz and let me know in the comments how you do:

To become a winning Texas hold’em player, you must be willing to put in the time and study poker. If you are never three-betting preflop, you are missing out on an opportunity to exploitatively bluff your opponents. If you only raise with pocket queens and better, opponents will eventually figure out your game.

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How To MASTER 3-Betting!

6 thoughts on “How To MASTER 3-Betting!

  1. All this is assuming your opponents are playing a GTO strategy. Where as my Thursday night game, most of them can’t spell GTO.

  2. Totally agree that most won’t do what it takes to be a great poker player.

    Think about all the information available to lose weight, yet obesity has become an epidemic. Why? Because losing weight is hard. It’s much easier to eat what you want without regard to health.

  3. The explanation for Q4 doesn't make sense, from the quiz:

    start quote
    Question #4. Generally, how much of your stack can you invest with a 3-bet bluff and still fold to a 4-bet?

    Explanation: 1/3. Generally, if 1/3 of your stack is invested, you will likely be pot committed unless your hand is absolute trash.
    end quote

    If you're pot committed after investing 1/3, then doesn't that mean you can't bet 1/3 and still fold to a 4-bet?

  4. How come K9s 3bets a lot in some of these situations but not as often for KJs KQs? Is it supposed to be a bluff?

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