Insane Hero Call vs. Tony G.

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What’s the best hero call you ever made?

I put out a lot of poker videos lately where I made some huge folds and probably seemed like a massive nit.

I chose to highlight this hand I played over 5 years ago to showcase a key point about how one should make decisions in poker: it doesn’t matter what two cards you’re holding. What matters is how your hand fairs against your opponents.

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I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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Insane Hero Call vs. Tony G.

10 thoughts on “Insane Hero Call vs. Tony G.

  1. My dislike for Tony G, makes this my favorite hand of the day of all time.

  2. 72 vs k k. im lag at table i have 72. on button. utg has kings

    pf. he raise 5bb. fold all to me. i call- bb call

    flop 10 9 6

    bb checks- kings bets 3/4 pot

    i tank and decide to call
    bb folds

    turn 2

    about the Same size bet from kings – i raise- min raise- he 3 bets (i would have folded if he bet big) enough for me to have oods

    riv 8

    lucky lol. he checks i make a small bet – about qtr size pot. be goes all in

    i call

  3. Wow Alec you sound really different at 0:30!

    What was your accent then and what's it now

  4. Don't know about TonyG's game nowadays, but any decent reg of today would have a decent amount of flushes in their range (along with some 8s). Mostly all the pair of 4+fd and the nut fds. This is very 2009 lol.

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